Richie Yeung

personal website

Hello, world!

I’m a research scientist and software developer at Quantinuum.

I’m also a PhD student in the Oxford Quantum Group, supervised by Aleks Kissinger and Bob Coecke.



  • M.Sc. University of Oxford (2020)
    Diagrammatic Design and Study of Ans"{a} tze for Quantum Machine Learning [pdf]
  • B.Sc. University of Cambridge (2019)
    Constructing hard examples for the graph isomorphism problem [pdf]

Book chapters

  • E. Miranda, R. Yeung, A. Pearson, K. Meichanetzidis, B. Coecke (2022)
    A quantum natural language processing approach to musical intelligence [arXiv]
    Quantum Computer Music: Foundations, Methods and Advanced Concepts, pages 313-356

Conference proceedings

  • B. Poór, Q. Wang, R. Shaikh, L. Yeh, R. Yeung, B. Coecke (2023)
    Completeness for arbitrary finite dimensions of ZXW-calculus, a unifying calculus [arXiv]
    LICS 2023

  • R. Shaikh, Q. Wang, R. Yeung (2021)
    How to sum and exponentiate Hamiltonians in ZXW calculus [arXiv]
    QPL 2022

  • S. Gogioso, R. Yeung (2022)
    Annealing optimisation of Mixed ZX Phase Circuits [arXiv]
    QPL 2022

  • R. Yeung, D. Kartsaklis (2021)
    A CCG-Based Version of the DisCoCat Framework [arXiv]
    SemSpace 2021

  • A. Toumi, R. Yeung and G. de Felice (2021)
    Diagrammatic Differentiation for Quantum Machine Learning [arXiv]
    QPL 2021

Conference abstracts

  • A. Toumi, G. de Felice and R. Yeung
    DisCoPy for the quantum computer scientist [arXiv]
    QPL 2022

  • D. Kartsaklis, I. Fan, R. Yeung, T. Hoffmann, V. Kocijan, C. London, A. Pearson, R. Lorenz, A. Toumi, G. de Felice, K. Meichanetzidis, S. Clark and B. Coecke
    Quantum NLP with lambeq [pdf]
    ACT 2022

Technical reports

  • D. Kartsaklis, I. Fan, R. Yeung, A. Pearson, R. Lorenz, A. Toumi, G. de Felice, K. Meichanetzidis, S. Clark and B. Coecke (2021)
    lambeq: An Efficient High-Level Python Library for Quantum NLP [arXiv]


  • M. Koch, R. Yeung, Q. Wang (2023)
    Speedy Contraction of ZX Diagrams with Triangles via Stabiliser Decompositions [arXiv]
    Presented at IWQC 2023

  • Q. Wang, R. Yeung, M. Koch (2021)
    Differentiating and Integrating ZX Diagrams with Applications to Quantum Machine Learning [arXiv]
    Presented at QPL 2021